How To Completely Uninstall Gameloop/Tencent Emulator

pubg emulator uninstall guide
pubg emulator uninstall guide

The PubG Mobile Emulator is well known to be unoptimized and gives continuous lags throughout the game. As the installation date of Gameloop moves forward, there is a sudden increase in choppiness and lag during gameplay. So gamers seek to reinstall the emulator to fix their lag. However, they mix old and new files of the emulator, resulting in more lag. This guide will demonstrate how you can completely uninstall your old emulator and get free from unnecessary lag. So let’s get started.

1.Install RevoInstaller

  • Install and Run as Administrator
  • Scroll and Search For Gameloop Icon

  • Right Click→Select Uninstall
  • Select Advanced Scan
  • Click Select All Files which are Left Click→Delete

2:Uninstall Temp Files

  • Press Ctrl+R and Type Temp→Press Enter
  • The temp Folder will Open

  • Select All Files and Delete
  • Press Ctrl+R and Type %Temp%→Press Enter
  • %Temp% Folder Will Open
  • Select All Files and Delete
  • Press Ctrl+R and Type Prefetch→Press Enter
  • Prefetch Folder will Open 

  • Select All Files and Delete

3. Delete Tencent From Registry

  • Type Regedit In Windows Search Bar→Press Enter
  • Dialog Box Will Open

  • Expand SOFTWARE
  • Search For Tencent Folder Right Click→Delete

3:Delete Aow.drv.log File

  • Open the C folder and look for Aow File
  • Select and Right Click→ Delete

4:Restart Your PC

  • As Some Programs are running in the background Restarting your Pc is compulsory in order to End those Programs and Proceed to our next Step

5:Delete Tencent Folder

  • After Restarting PC Open C Drive
  • Click on the View button on the Top left Side
  • Check Hidden Items Box

  • Open Program Data Folder Which was Previously Hidden
  • Search For Tencent Folder Right Click→Delete

Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial; I hope it is helpful to you all!

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