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Valorant Banned Accounts: Reasons, Recovery, and Prevention

If you find yourself with a banned Valorant account, don’t worry! In this article, we will explore the common reasons behind account suspensions or bans in Valorant and guide you on how to recover your account.

Additionally, we’ll provide tips on avoiding bans in the first place. So, let’s dive into the various factors that may lead to a Valorant ban and what you can do about them.

Main Reasons for Valorant Account Getting Banned

While Valorant provides an immersive experience, some players may find themselves facing the unfortunate situation of having their accounts suspended or banned.

Valorant Account Suspension
Valorant Account Suspension

Below, we will explore the various reasons that can lead to a Valorant account ban:

Abusive Behavior and Toxicity

Toxic and abusive behavior can severely impact the gaming experience of others and create a hostile environment in the game. This behavior includes using offensive language, harassment, flaming, and false reporting.

Riot Games takes a strong stance against such behavior and issues various punishments based on the severity of the offense. Penalties may range from warnings to chat bans, ranked suspensions, account suspensions, and even permanent account bans.

Account Sharing

Sharing your Valorant account with others, whether they are friends or family, is strictly prohibited by the game’s terms of service. The game’s fair play policy considers account sharing a violation, which can lead to temporary suspensions or permanent bans.

Fraudulent Activity

Engaging in fraudulent activities related to Valorant accounts can result in severe consequences. This includes real-money transactions (RMT) for in-game goods or services, chargebacks (reversing payments), using stolen payment information, or disputing payments after receiving in-game goods. Players involved in such activities may face temporary suspensions, account locks, or permanent bans.

False Reporting

Falsely reporting other players for rule violations or harassment is an abuse of the reporting system. Riot Games takes false reporting seriously and may issue penalties ranging from warnings to chat bans and permanent account bans. Reporting should only be done genuinely against actual rule-breakers.


Cheating in Valorant involves using third-party software or modifications to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Examples of cheating include aimbots (auto-aim), wall hacks (seeing through walls), and no-recoil scripts.

Valorant Hacker Detected
Valorant Hacker Detected

Valorant employs its anti-cheat system called Vanguard to detect and prevent cheating effectively. Players found cheating are subjected to permanent account bans. Furthermore, even playing with a cheater can lead to account bans for all involved parties.

Feeding, Queue Dodging, and AFKing

Intentionally throwing games (feeding), queue dodging, or being AFK during matches can disrupt the gameplay experience for other players. Riot Games actively tracks in-game behavior to identify and punish players engaging in such actions. Penalties may include warnings, Rank Rating deductions, queue delays, ranked bans, or even account suspensions.

Account Boosting

Boosting involves higher-ranked players intentionally playing on lower-ranked accounts to increase the account’s rank unfairly. Players engaging in boosting, especially if cheating is involved, can face temporary suspensions or permanent account bans.

Selling and Buying Accounts

Buying or selling Valorant accounts is against the game’s terms of service. Purchasing accounts can lead to account locks until ownership verification is provided. Repeat offenses or involvement in fraudulent transactions can result in permanent account bans.

Hacked Account

If your account gets compromised or hacked, it can be used for fraudulent activities, leading to account bans. However, you can recover your account by contacting Riot Support and providing account ownership verification.

How to Recover Valorant Banned Account

If you find yourself with a banned Valorant account and believe it was a mistake or if you want to appeal the ban, you can submit a Valorant unban appeal through Riot’s Support Center.

Valorant Unban Appeal Form
Valorant Unban Appeal Form

Here’s how to recover a banned Valorant account:

  • Go to the Riot Support Center
  • Log into your Riot account. If you cannot log in, choose “Recover my Account” instead
  • Choose “Discuss Personal Suspension or Restriction
  • Write a subject, such as “Banned Valorant Account
  • Input your Riot ID, which is the same as your in-game name in Valorant.
  • Choose “Discuss Game Bans” for your inquiry.
  • Select the duration of your Valorant ban.
  • Pick the appropriate ban reason, such as “Unsure” for wrongful bans, “In-Game Behavior” for toxicity, or “Third party programs” for cheating.
  • Write a detailed description explaining your situation and appeal for the ban to be lifted.
  • Click the “Submit” button to send your appeal to Riot Support for review.

Riot Support will carefully review your appeal, and if they find that your account was wrongfully banned, they may reinstate it.

How to Prevent Valorant Account Bans

It’s really important to keep your gaming record clean and avoid getting banned from your account so you can have a good time playing Valorant without any problems.

Valorant Account Permanent Suspension
Valorant Account Permanent Suspension

Here are some essential tips to avoid account bans:

  1. Be Respectful: Treat other players with respect and refrain from toxic or abusive behavior.
  2. Avoid Cheating: Never use cheats, hacks, or unauthorized software to gain an unfair advantage.
  3. Keep Your Account Secure: Do not share your account information with anyone, and use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to protect your account.
  4. Purchase from Authorized Sources: Only make in-game purchases from official Riot platforms and partners to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  5. Report Genuine Violations: Report rule-breakers genuinely and avoid false reporting.
  6. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with the game’s terms of service and policies to ensure compliance.


Valorant offers an engaging and competitive gaming experience, but players must play by the rules to maintain a fair and enjoyable environment for all. Understanding the various reasons for Valorant bans and taking necessary precautions can help players avoid suspensions and permanent bans.

In case of a wrongful ban, appealing through Riot’s Support Center is the appropriate course of action. By adhering to the principles of fair play and respect for others, players can fully embrace the thrilling world of Valorant without the fear of losing their accounts.

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