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The 5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators for PC

Pubg Mobile was released on mobiles on March 19th, 2019, and gained popularity within no time due to being the first-ever mobile battle royale game. There are 100 players participating in this game, jumping through parachutes on a map in search of loot. A Zone keeps shrinking at regular intervals, causing damage to anyone outside. The goal of each game is to win a chicken dinner.

Since it was free, it was easier as the keyboard and mouse provided more accuracy and a faster pace and were more accessible than the Pubg PC Version available on Steam, so some gamers started playing it on emulators.

Playing PUBG Mobile on an emulator? Follow our guide on how to fix lag in PUBG Mobile emulator GameLoop for a smoother gaming experience.

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is a program that enables the computer to act like any other device. It is mainly used to run Android applications that cannot be directly installed onto the PC.

Let’s look at the top 5 best emulators for Pubg Mobile.

1:Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is at the top of the list because it provides better stability and FPS than other emulators. It was previously the official Pubg Mobile emulator. For several reasons, Pubg Mobile decided to end its partnership with Tencent, so Tencent no longer receives Pubg Mobile updates. Hence, users now have to use alternative methods to install Pubg Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy and update the game after every season.



Gameloop is an emulator specifically designed for gamers by Pubg Mobile Developers. It was created by the same Tencent company and has been declared the Official Emulator. It receives regular updates related to PubGM, and gamers can directly install the updates through Gameloop. However, in most cases reported, it fails to provide the same in-game smoothness that Tencent Gaming Buddy provides, so it ranks second on our list.


3:Blue Stacks

Bluestacks is the best emulator for running Android applications as it provides DirectX, which can run even high-end Android games. It provides a variety of features and decent performance compared to other emulators. It also allows you to sync your contacts with Google and Facebook. But, unlike Gameloop, you need to install updates manually on Bluestacks.


4:Nox Player

Nox Player isn’t just for running Android apps on Windows or Mac. It also has many useful settings and features, such as a gamepad. It also lets you create a virtual mobile with specs like high-end phones. The Common Problem That u can Expect when Using a Nox player is random Crashes when u play high-end Games or Use Apps that Require more CPU resources.


5:LD Player

The last on our list is LD Player because it lacks security measures, which attracted some Pubgm players to use cheats on this emulator to outplay their opponents. So Pubg Mobile Team took action and divided the lobby, which means LD Player users will match with Gamers playing on LD Player. Due to this, you may not even find a match after waiting for 10-15 minutes and will face high pings as you may get matched with players who are playing on different servers due to the lower number of people using LD Player to play Pubg Mobile.


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