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5 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons Used by Professional Players

When the game starts there are numerous PUBG Mobile weapons are distributed over the map. Naturally, each of these many types of weaponry has a specific function and workings. As a result, choosing a weapon might be challenging because you have to consider the gameplay and the game’s circumstances.

Prepare two weapons in your backpacks, such as an assault rifle, a submachine gun, or a shotgun, if you wish to play bars. To eliminate enemies safely from a distance, a sniper rifle may be the best option. To eliminate enemies safely from a distance, a sniper rifle may be the best option.

EsportsLegacy will highlight the Best PubG Mobile Weapons used by professional PUBG Mobile players in this blog post. Which weapon would that be? Let’s look into the following insight below.

  • SK-12 Shotgun
SK-12 Shotgun
SK-12 Shotgun

Almost every place on the map has this weapon. This is what encourages players to utilize the Sk-12, particularly early on. You know, at this point, you will frequently shoot at close range, and the features of this particular shotgun are really extremely helpful.

Compared to other shotgun varieties, the wait between shots is shorter. This is what increases player interest in the Sk-12. Due to its significant damage and big ammunition capacity, this weapon will be crucial for those of you who play bar-style games.

  • Mini 14
Mini 14
Mini 14

The Mini 14 is one of the more popular DMR-style weapons utilized by PUBG Mobile professional players. In addition to having a low recoil, this weapon has excellent long-range and mid-range fighting capabilities.

This weapon is the best option for those of you who enjoy sniping. The Mini 14 is a simple-to-use weapon that is also “eco-friendly,” meaning you can find it wherever. Furthermore, even inexperienced players appear to be able to use it right away.

  • Kar98K Sniper
Kar98K Sniper
Kar98K Sniper

Karabiner 98 Kurz or Kar98k is a weapon with a sniper type that is a favorite for players. This weapon’s significant damage is the reason. In fact, if the foe is wearing a level 3 vest, it may be broken in two body shots!

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find this particular weapon. Therefore, if you locate this weapon early in the battle, you should preserve it since it will be incredibly helpful in the mid to late game.

  • Beryl M762
Beryl M762
Beryl M762

In PUBG Mobile, the Beryl M762 assault rifle is one of the most destructive weapons. Players of PUBG Mobile should be aware that guns with brown bullets will deal more damage than those with other bullet colors. Brown rounds from the Beryl M762 are a weapon that is often utilized by professional PUBG Mobile players.

The bottom rail of the Beryl M762 is made up of the Laser Sight, Angled Foregrip, and Stock. The Beryl M762 is significantly simpler to handle thanks to these three accessories. It stands to reason that PUBG Mobile players often prefer Beryl M762 above other assault rifle weaponry.

  • M416

The last one is from a sort of assault rifle that has never vanished from the PUBG Mobile meta. In reality, this weapon is popular among practically all players since it has excellent specifications to obtain a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This weapon may be used effectively for close-quarters or mid-range combat. The M416 is a weapon that fires powerful green rounds with low recoil. Due to its stability, the M416 is the game’s most popular weapon among PUBG Mobile players.

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