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Best VALORANT Agents for Playing Sunset Map

Riot Games keeps adding new maps to VALORANT to keep the game interesting. Each map has a cool story behind it. The newest map is called Sunset, and it’s set in Los Angeles, where Gekko comes from. It’s the second map in the USA and the seventh in the Omega Earth series.

Sunset is different from the other maps. It’s not tricky and encourages players to have exciting fights while still using their special powers. This means picking the right player agent is really important.

Valorant Sunset Map Overview

Sunset is a map in Valorant, and it’s like a playground in Los Angeles. It’s not tricky, which means it’s easy to understand. You get to have really exciting fights with other players.

The map’s design makes it perfect for intense battles. It’s not complicated, so you don’t have to worry about tricky things. It’s more about how well you can fight and work with your team.

Sunset is like a big puzzle with no hard parts. It’s a place where your choices and moves in the game really matter. It’s where the best players can show how good they are. So, when you play on Sunset, get ready for lots of action and fun fights!

Best Valorant Agents For Sunset

Discover the most effective agents to dominate the Sunset map in VALORANT. Learn which characters excel in this unique map and gain the upper hand in your matches.



Raze Valorant Agent

Raze’s agility makes her a standout choice for the Sunset map. Her ability to navigate tight corners with special jumps gives her a strategic advantage. Additionally, her Boom Bot and Paint Shell are effective tools for clearing out corners and creating opportunities for her team.

With Raze in the lineup, you have an agent who excels at disrupting opponents and creating openings, ensuring success on Sunset. Her unique skills make her a dynamic force to be reckoned with on this map.


Neon Valorant Agent

Neon’s agility is a game-changer on the Sunset map. Her quick movements allow her to navigate the compact layout with ease, making her a formidable force in close-quarters combat. Additionally, her High Gear ability enables rapid engagements and disengagements, giving her a tactical edge.

This, combined with her ability to mislead opponents by feinting one way and swiftly changing direction, makes her a versatile asset for any team on Sunset. With Neon in the lineup, your team gains a nimble agent capable of turning the tide of battle in their favor.


Phoenix Valorant Agent

Phoenix excels in Sunset’s tight spaces, using agility and fiery abilities for a tactical advantage. His Curveball can blind enemies around corners, giving him a tactical advantage in engagements. Additionally, his Hot Hands can clear out areas or provide a healing boost, making him self-sufficient in a pinch.

With his ultimate ability, Run It Back, Phoenix can take more risks and gather crucial information for his team. With Phoenix in the lineup, your team gains a versatile agent who can light up the Sunset map with precision and flair, ensuring a competitive edge in every match.



Fade Valorant Agent

Fade is an excellent choice for the Sunset map. His special pets are like watchful companions, helping to keep an eye on crucial corners. Additionally, Fade has the ability to block off certain routes, making it harder for enemies to move around freely.

This strategic advantage can be a game-changer in Sunset’s dynamic battles. With Fade on your team, you have an agent who excels at controlling the map and dictating the flow of the game, giving your team a significant edge.


Skye Valorant Agent

Skye’s abilities make her a true team player on the Sunset map. Her Trailblazer acts as an extra set of eyes, scouting out potentially dangerous spots and giving her team vital information. Additionally, her healing abilities with Regrowth provide crucial support, ensuring that her teammates stay in the fight longer.

Skye’s ultimate, Seekers, can be a game-changer, tracking down enemies and revealing their positions. With Skye on your team, you have an agent who excels at both reconnaissance and providing essential healing support, giving your team a well-rounded advantage on Sunset.


Breach Valorant Agent

Breach brings a tactical approach to the Sunset map. His abilities are designed to create opportunities for his team by disrupting enemy positions. His Aftershock and Fault Line can clear out tight spaces and force opponents to reposition, giving Breach’s teammates an advantage.

Additionally, his ultimate, Rolling Thunder, is a powerful tool for initiating team fights or retaking control of a site. With Breach on your side, you have an agent who excels at setting up plays and creating openings, providing a crucial edge on Sunset.



Brimstone Valorant Agent

Brimstone’s expertise lies in strategic control, making him a standout pick for the Sunset map. His smokes are particularly effective in navigating the map’s tight spaces and chokepoints. These lingering smoke clouds not only obscure vision but also provide valuable cover for his team’s movements.

Additionally, Brimstone’s ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, can be a game-changer in critical situations, giving him a powerful tool to sway the outcome of a match in favor of his team. With Brimstone leading the way, your team gains a decisive advantage on the Sunset map.


Omen Valorant Agent

Omen’s abilities make him a versatile choice for the Sunset map. Omen’s smokes give good cover, even if they don’t stay as long as Brimstone’s smoke. Furthermore, Omen’s ultimate ability allows him to move across the map swiftly, providing valuable mobility for both offense and defense on Sunset.

Additionally, Omen’s Shrouded Step can be a game-changer, enabling him to reposition or escape tight situations, making him a valuable asset in Sunset’s dynamic encounters. With Omen on your team, you have a reliable agent who can adapt to various situations and contribute significantly to your success on the Sunset map.



Killjoy Valorant Agent

Killjoy’s abilities make her a stronghold on the Sunset map. Her turret is like an extra set of eyes, guarding multiple spots and giving her team a valuable break from constant vigilance.

If enemies try to sneak in, Killjoy’s traps stop them right away. With her on your side, you can rest assured knowing that the Sunset map is well-protected, allowing your team to focus on their strategies and secure the win.


Cypher Valorant Agent

Cypher is really good at finding out where the enemy is and stopping them from doing surprise attacks. He uses special tools like Trapwires and a Spycam to keep an eye on important spots. This makes it hard for the other team to sneak around.

When Cypher is around, the enemy has to be careful and can’t take big risks. In the Sunset map, where knowing what’s going on is super important, having Cypher on your team can make a big difference in winning the game.


Chamber Valorant Agent

Chamber really shines on the Sunset map. He’s special because he’s the best with a special sniper gun. This means he can shoot enemies from far away with great accuracy. This is super important on Sunset, where there are long open spaces.

With Chamber on your team, you’ve got a sharpshooter who can change the game and give your team a big advantage. Additionally, his keen understanding of angles and patience in waiting for the perfect moment to strike makes him a valuable asset for any team.

Final Words

These are the best agents for Sunset because of how the map is set up. Remember, even though picking the right agent is important, how well you play and work with your team matters the most. So, try out these suggestions and see which agent helps you win on VALORANT’s new Sunset map!

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