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Best Valorant Discord Servers | Updated List 2024

If you’re an enthusiastic Valorant player, you are aware of the large community of this game. There are many discord servers for Valorant where you can interact with other players and play custom scrims and tournaments. But if you’re looking for the best servers for Valorant on Discord, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will talk about the 6 best valorant Discord servers to join for better interaction and to become a member of this community.

The Top 6 Valorant Discord Servers in 2023

Official Valorant Discord Server
Official Valorant Discord Server

The official Valorant discord server for Riot Games will be our starting point. There are 800,000 users on this server, which is likewise extremely busy. It’s possible to join a number of chat rooms, each of which concentrates on a particular kind of match.

There is a channel specifically for users looking for other players to play with that are in their region on this platform, which is accessible to all players worldwide. Quicker player discovery is made possible by doing this.

The predominant lingua franca of this game is English. If you find players who can converse in your native tongue, though it is not necessary, you are welcome to use an empty channel to do so. After joining, make sure you read the guidelines and requirements carefully.

The Discord server also has its own channels for fan-created community content. Cosplay and art fall under this category. On this channel, you may also find uploaded videos that members of the community have posted. Additionally, streamers are welcome to advertise their links to a niche channel.

There are Discord bots on the server as well. They are mostly employed to communicate news and updates about games. Members are instantly tagged in announcement messages, allowing for real-time notice. You may easily turn this off if you don’t want to get as many alerts on your Discord.

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LFG Valorant Discord Server
LFG Valorant Discord Server

The second one is the legendary LFG The Discord Server is a server designed to assist gamers in discovering groups for their preferred games. On this channel, which is frequently updated with fresh posts, finding a group is simple.

The wonderful thing about this server is that people are always prepared to give you an extra hand if you need one. This greatly increases the interaction and benefits of the experience!

Valorant For OCE
Valorant For OCE

This server is devoted to valiant gamers from the Oceania region and has more than 23,000 users. You can engage in informal conversation and ask folks about their gaming experiences and where to find specific items. This is undoubtedly one of the servers you should join if you’re searching for a relaxed community that is friendly and enjoyable.

Valorant Ascent Discord Server
Valorant Ascent Discord Server

Every regular legit player knows about this server if they want to participate in tournaments and scrimmages. You can join various weekly scrims and tournaments on this server. You can create a new team with members of your rank and participate in ranked and unranked matches. I hope you can locate someone of your rank on this server.

Hiko Homies Valorant Discord Server
Hiko Homies Discord Server

A Discord server known as Hiko Homies was created by Hiko. Earlier this year, Hiko retired from 100 Thieves NA, a legendary esports team. Gamers of similar ranks can connect through his Discord service. If you want to stand out from other people of your rank with Valorant Discord servers, then this is the ideal solution for you.

Sentinels Official Valorant Discord Server
Sentinels Official Valorant Discord Server

The Sentinels are a pro-Valorant team on the NA server and are considered one of the best in the world. If you’re interested in learning more about Sentinels’ gameplay and meeting new people, join their Discord server. Besides the games Halo Infinite and Valorant, they also host Apex Legends Scrims on their server.

Listed above are all the best servers for Valoranti n 2023. Click the given link to join each server.

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