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Valorant Duelist Tier List: Best Fraggers Ranked

When it comes to the fast-paced world of Valorant, duelists are the stars of the show. These aggressive agents are known for their exceptional fragging abilities and play a vital role in securing victories for their teams.

In this article, we will delve into the top duelists and rank them based on their effectiveness in securing eliminations and dominating the battlefield.

Understanding Duelists in Valorant

Before diving into the tier list, let’s explore what makes duelists special in Valorant. Duelists are agents with a kit designed for aggressive play, allowing them to lead the charge and engage in one-on-one encounters with ease.

They possess abilities that emphasize high-risk, high-reward gameplay, making them a perfect choice for players who enjoy fast-paced and action-packed rounds.

S-Tier Duelists: The Unstoppable Fraggers

These agents possess a deadly combination of mobility, precision, and game-changing ultimates that can turn the tide of a match. We will delve into the unique strengths and playstyles of each agent in this tier, including Jett and Reyna, who are regarded as some of the most potent fraggers in the game.


Jett Valorant Agent

Jett rightfully claims the top spot in the S-tier due to her unparalleled mobility and precision. Her ability to dash in and out of engagements makes her incredibly difficult to pin down, allowing her to surprise opponents and secure critical frags.

Additionally, Jett’s ultimate, Blade Storm, grants her a formidable arsenal of highly accurate throwing knives, turning her into a one-woman army.

In the hands of skilled players, Jett can single-handedly turn the tide of a match. However, her potency lies heavily in the hands of players who can master her mechanics and make use of her swift playstyle effectively.

A-Tier Duelists: Strong and Versatile

These agents are still formidable fraggers but offer a bit more versatility in their playstyle. Players who prefer a balanced mix of offensive and defensive capabilities will find these agents to be excellent choices. Raze and Phoenix are among the A-tier duelists, each bringing their unique set of abilities to the battlefield.


Yoru Valorant Agent

Yoru finds himself in the A-tier due to his deceptive playstyle and teleportation abilities. Yoru’s Gatecrash allows him to place teleportation gates, creating opportunities for him to flank and catch enemies off-guard.

His ultimate, Dimensional Drift, grants him invulnerability, enabling him to gather valuable intel on enemy positions. Yoru’s kit holds immense potential in the hands of a strategic player who can creatively use his abilities to disrupt opponents and secure frags.


Neon Valorant Agent

As one of the newer duelists, Neon brings a unique set of abilities to the battlefield. Their Shifting Shadows ability allows them to become invisible to cameras, radar, and enemies when standing still, providing opportunities for stealthy flanking and surprise attacks.

Additionally, Neon’s ultimate, Quantum Stride, enables them to dash quickly to a location while leaving behind a clone. This combination of stealth and mobility makes Neon a promising choice for players who enjoy outmaneuvering their opponents.

However, being a relatively new agent, Neon’s effectiveness might evolve with time and player adaptation.

B-Tier Duelists: Solid Choices

These agents can excel in the right hands, especially when players leverage their tactical abilities effectively. Yoru and Skye are featured here, each offering distinct abilities to catch enemies off-guard and secure those crucial frags.


Raze Valorant Agent

Raze’s explosive playstyle and devastating abilities earn her a place in the B-tier of fraggers. Her Paint Shells and Blast Packs allow her to flush out enemies from hiding spots and gain tactical advantages.

Moreover, her Showstopper ultimate is a game-changer, capable of turning the tide of a round with its devastating explosive power.

Raze excels in creating chaos and disrupting enemy formations, making her a favorite for players who enjoy aggressive and impactful gameplay. However, Raze’s straightforward playstyle and reliance on her explosives can be predictable, making her susceptible to well-coordinated enemy teams.


Reyna Valorant Agent

Reyna finds herself in the B-tier due to her unique ability to thrive on self-sustain. Her Leer ability sets up easy kills by blinding opponents, leaving them vulnerable to her swift attacks.

What truly sets Reyna apart is her Devour and Dismiss abilities, which enable her to heal herself after getting kills or escape from dangerous situations. This self-sustainability makes her a formidable foe in clutch scenarios, often turning the tide of rounds in her team’s favor.

However, Reyna’s effectiveness relies heavily on her ability to secure frags, making her less impactful when facing skilled opponents who can shut her down before she can capitalize on her self-healing abilities.

C-Tier Duelists: Viable with Skill

These duelists are viable fraggers with a skillful touch. While they may not be as straightforward in securing eliminations as the higher-tier agents, they can shine in the hands of adept players. Sova and Breach fall into this tier, showcasing recon and crowd-control abilities that can contribute significantly to a team’s success.


Phoenix Valorant Agent

Phoenix is a balanced duelist, combining self-healing with potent flashes and a fire wall to control the battlefield. His Blaze ability heals him and provides a path for strategic positioning.

Meanwhile, Curveball is an effective flash that can catch opponents off-guard. Phoenix’s ultimate, Run It Back, is a unique ability that allows him to respawn in the location he activated it from.

This ultimate not only grants him a second chance but can also be used to gather valuable intel on enemy positions. A skilled Phoenix player can lead their team to victory, securing crucial frags and turning the tide of rounds.

However, Phoenix’s balanced playstyle may not be as specialized for fragging as the higher-tier duelists, making him a viable but not top-tier option for fragging dominance.


In this tier list, we have critically assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each duelist, ranking them based on their fragging potential.

Jett rightfully claims the S-tier with her exceptional mobility and deadly ult. While Yoru and Neon showcase their unique abilities in the A-tier. Raze and Reyna hold their ground in the B-tier with their explosive playstyle and self-sustain. Moreover, Phoenix rounds up the C-tier with a balanced mix of offensive and supportive capabilities.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of each agent lies in the hands of the player, as mastering their abilities and playstyle is key to achieving fragging dominance in the world of Valorant.


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