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Valorant Pistol Round Guide: Expert Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the battlegrounds of Valorant, where the pistol rounds set the stage for intense and exhilarating gameplay. As you spawn into the action, five distinct pistols await your choice. Each weapon comes with its own strengths, catering to different playstyles and agent abilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Valorant pistols, equipping you with the knowledge to conquer these vital early rounds and pave the way to victory. So, gear up and brace yourself for an epic pistol round experience!

Become a Valorant Pistol Pro! 

The Classic – Your Trusty Sidekick 

Valorant CLASSIC Pistol
Valorant CLASSIC Pistol

Meet the Classic, the ever reliable and faithful sidekick of every Valorant agent. As your default and free pistol, the Classic boasts versatility like no other. Its moderate firepower makes it a solid choice for fights at close to medium ranges, while its alt-firing mode, unleashing multiple bullets at once, can prove devastating in close-quarters combat.

During pistol rounds, the Classic becomes a valuable option when you wish to invest in light armor and a few essential abilities. For players taking on support roles, conserving credits for utility and shields can be a strategic move, as you can always pick up an enemy’s discarded Classic to continue the fight.

The Shorty – Boom, Boom, Boom!

Valorant SHORTY Pistol
Valorant SHORTY Pistol

Behold the Shorty, the compact yet potent shotgun-like sidearm of Valorant. If close-quarters combat is your strength, the Shorty is your weapon of choice. With a price tag of just 150 credits, this little dynamo packs a punch at close ranges, delivering formidable damage to foes who dare to cross your path.

Imagine yourself on defense, concealed in a shroud of smoke, lying in wait to spring a surprise attack on unsuspecting enemies. The Shorty excels in these tactical ambushes, catching opponents off-guard and turning the tide of battle.

However, it’s essential to remember that the Shorty’s effectiveness diminishes significantly at medium to long ranges. To complement your shotgun prowess, consider pairing the Shorty with a Classic, granting you the flexibility to adapt to different combat situations.

The Frenzy – Full-Auto Fun! 

Valorant FRENZY Pistol
Valorant FRENZY Pistol

Duelists and aggressive players, prepare to unleash the power of the Frenzy! Priced at 450 credits, this full-auto pistol is tailor-made for close-range combat, transforming you into a rapid-fire force to be reckoned with. During pistol rounds, opting for the Frenzy not only puts considerable firepower at your fingertips but also affords you the opportunity to invest in a couple of abilities.

Embrace the attacking phase with the Frenzy, and watch as enemies tremble in the face of your onslaught. Agents like Reyna, who thrive in the heat of battle, can truly shine with this weapon. But, beware, as the Frenzy boasts a smaller magazine, necessitating frequent reloads to maintain your unrelenting firepower.

The Ghost – A Stealthy Sharpshooter

Valorant GHOST Pistol
Valorant GHOST Pistol

Enter the realm of precision with the Ghost, a semi-automatic pistol highly regarded for its accuracy and control. Valued at 500 credits, the Ghost possesses the unique ability to deliver one-tap headshots to unarmored opponents. Your keen aim and steady hand will prove crucial in capitalizing on this pistol’s deadly potential.

To wield the Ghost effectively, practice the art of strafe-shooting by moving left and right while firing to optimize your accuracy and evade enemy fire. The Ghost is effective at all ranges, making it a versatile choice for players who prefer measured shots over frenzied sprays. When purchased during pistol rounds, combining the Ghost with a selection of abilities can elevate your tactical prowess to new heights.

The Sheriff – High-Risk, High-Reward Hero

Valorant SHERIFF Pistol
Valorant SHERIFF Pistol

The Sheriff is a pistol for the bold and daring, priced at 800 credits. This semi-automatic revolver demands precise aim and confidence in your skills, for a well-placed shot to the head can spell instant doom for your foes. Its immense stopping power and range make it a potent weapon when wielded by a skilled marksman.

However, acquiring the Sheriff during pistol rounds comes at a cost, leaving you with no credits for armor or abilities. This high-risk, high-reward choice is particularly suited to agents like Jett and Sova, whose signature abilities can still make a significant impact without additional utility.

Guide to Pick the Perfect Pistol for Valorant Agent

In the action-packed world of Valorant, where every round counts, mastering the pistol rounds can be the key to securing victory. As you step into the shoes of your chosen agent, it’s essential to understand that each hero comes with a unique set of abilities and strengths.

All Valorant Pistols
All Valorant Pistols

The path to pistol round domination lies in selecting the pistol that perfectly complements your agent’s playstyle and unleashes their true potential. Let’s embark on a journey to find the ideal sidearm for your agent!

Close-Combat Warrior – Embrace the Fray!

For those agents who thrive on adrenaline-fueled close-quarters combat, charging into the fray and taking on foes at point-blank range. The Frenzy or the Shorty is tailor-made to match their aggressive style.

The Frenzy: This full-auto pistol unleashes a flurry of bullets, making it an excellent choice for duelist agents who love being in the heart of the action. Its rapid-fire capabilities can quickly overwhelm opponents in close combat situations, granting you a decisive advantage in pistol rounds.

The Shorty: If you’re a master of ambush tactics and prefer to catch enemies off-guard in tight spaces, the Shorty is your trusty companion. This shotgun-like sidearm excels in delivering devastating blows at close ranges, allowing you to dictate the pace of the battle.

The Sharpshooter – Precision from Afar

For agents who possess a steady hand and favor taking precise shots from a distance. For them the Ghost or the Sheriff will prove to be invaluable assets in pistol rounds.

The Ghost: As a semi-automatic pistol known for its accuracy and control, the Ghost rewards players with exceptional aiming skills. Delivering one-tap headshots to unarmored foes. The Ghost becomes a deadly tool in the hands of a skilled sharpshooter who are able to pick off enemies from afar with precision.

The Sheriff: Representing high-risk, high-reward gameplay, the Sheriff is a semi-automatic revolver that demands unwavering confidence in your aiming abilities. Agents with the prowess to consistently land headshots will find the Sheriff to be a formidable force, boasting immense stopping power and range.

10 tips and tricks to dominate the pistol rounds in Valorant

  1. Aim for the Head: Headshots are the key to success in pistol rounds. Practice your aim to consistently land headshots, as they deal more damage and can quickly take down opponents without armor.
  2. Stay Mobile: Keep moving during pistol rounds to make yourself a harder target to hit. Strafe left and right while shooting to make it difficult for enemies to line up their shots.
  3. Master the Sidearm: Each pistol has its strengths, so experiment with all of them to find the one that suits your playstyle best. Whether it’s the precision of the Ghost or the close-range power of the Shorty, become proficient with your chosen sidearm.
  4. Coordinate with Your Team: Communication is essential in Valorant, and this is especially true during pistol rounds. Share information with your teammates, plan your strategies together, and execute well-coordinated attacks or defenses.
  5. Play to Your Agent’s Strengths: Different agents have unique abilities that can complement certain pistols. Utilize your agent’s skills effectively to gain an advantage in pistol rounds.
  6. Save Your Credits: In some situations, it may be better to save your credits during pistol rounds and invest in abilities and armor for later rounds. You can always pick up an enemy’s pistol if needed.
  7. Use Smokes and Cover: Utilize your agent’s smokes and cover to your advantage. Create opportunities to engage enemies on your terms and catch them off-guard.
  8. Be Patient: Pistol rounds can be intense, but staying patient and waiting for the right moment to strike can make all the difference. Avoid unnecessary risks and focus on making every shot count.
  9. Reload Strategically: Keep track of your ammo and reload at appropriate times. Reloading mid-fight can leave you vulnerable, so try to find safe moments to reload.
  10. Stay Positive and Learn: Not every pistol round will go your way, and that’s okay! Stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and use each round as an opportunity to improve your skills.


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