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Valorant Player Count | How Many People Play Valorant?

Have you ever wondered just how many people are playing the super cool game called Valorant? Well, let’s take a fun adventure and explore Valorant player count together!

What Makes Valorant Awesome

Valorant is like a mix of two awesome things: shooting games and special powers. Imagine playing a game where you not only use cool guns but also have super cool abilities that help you win. It’s like being a hero in a video game!

Valorant isn’t just a game. It’s like a big spark that inspires other game makers to create new and exciting things. It’s changing the world of gaming and making it even more awesome!

How Many People Play Valorant?

So, how many people are playing Valorant? It’s a bit tricky to know the exact number, but we know that a LOT of players love this game. There are millions of players who join in the fun every month!

Valorant Player Count Graph
Valorant Player Count Graph

Sneak Peek from the Developers

The people who made Valorant told us a little secret. Back in June 2021, they said around 14 million players were playing Valorant every month. That’s a HUGE number! And since then, even more, players have joined the fun.

Keeping Track

There’s a website called activeplayer that keeps track of how many players are in Valorant. They use cool math stuff to guess the numbers, and they say that about 13 million players play Valorant every month. And every day, almost a million players jump into the game!

Valorant Player Count Table

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossMonthly Gain / Loss %Active Players Daily
Last 30 Days25,479,059302,1231%1,698,604
July 30, 202325,176,936517,8412%1,678,462
June 30, 202324,659,0951,709,7287%1,643,940
May 30, 202322,949,367-230,875-1%1,529,958
April 30, 202323,180,242165,7681%1,545,349
March 30, 202323,014,47456,4530%1,534,298
February 28, 202322,958,021-357,480-2%1,530,535
January 30, 202323,315,501301,0141%1,554,367
December 30, 202223,014,487873,6984%2,301,449
November 30, 202222,140,789-360,656-2%2,214,079
October 30, 202222,501,445513,4052%2,250,145
September 30, 202221,988,040627,7563%2,198,804
August 30, 202221,360,284600,0243%2,064,827
July 30, 202220,760,260498,1052%2,006,825
June 30, 202220,262,155-358,429-2%1,958,675
May 30, 202220,620,584108,9971%1,993,323
April 30, 202220,511,587245,7941%1,982,787
March 30, 202220,265,793222,0291%1,959,027
February 20, 202220,043,764510,2993%1,937,564
January 30, 202219,533,465507,7613%1,888,235
December 30, 202119,025,704759,5804%1,839,151
November 30, 202118,266,124-342,890-2%1,765,725
October 30, 202118,609,014-567,144-3%1,798,871
September 30, 202119,176,158596,0293%1,853,695
August 30, 202118,580,129-1,331,162-7%1,796,079
July 30, 202119,911,291552,1723%1,924,758
June 30, 202119,359,119138,6381%1,871,382
May 30, 202119,220,481414,2212%1,857,980
April 30, 202118,806,260270,5121%1,817,938
March 30, 202118,535,748265,2081%1,791,789
February 20, 202118,270,540897,2825%1,766,152
January 30, 202117,373,258-513,761-3%1,679,415
December 30, 202017,887,019-128,715-1%1,729,079
November 30, 202018,015,734-402,235-2%1,741,521
October 30, 202018,417,969-129,675-1%1,780,404
September 30, 202018,547,644-2,212,500-11%1,792,939
August 30, 202020,760,144144,0001%2,006,814
July 30, 202020,616,14400%1,992,894

Valorant vs Other Games Player Count Comparison Table

GamePlayer Count (Millions)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare10
League of Legends128
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive36
Apex Legends115


Valorant is like a shooting star—it keeps shining brighter and brighter! Even though lots of players love it now, there’s still room for more to join in. Other games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Overwatch have lots of players too, but Valorant is carving its own special path.

So, my fellow gamers, that’s the story of Valorant’s player count. It’s a mystery in some ways, but one thing is for sure: lots and lots of players are having a blast in this incredible game!

Questions You Might Ask

How many people play Valorant? We don’t know the exact number, but there are millions of players who play every month.

Is Valorant getting more popular? Absolutely! More and more players are joining the fun.

How is Valorant different from other games? Valorant is special because it has shooting and cool powers mixed together.

Do people from different places play Valorant? Yes, people from all over the world play and have a great time.

What will happen next in Valorant? The game will keep getting better with new updates and surprises for everyone to enjoy!

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