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Best Agents for Entry Fragging in Valorant

Valorant is a competitive first-person shooter game that requires strategic gameplay and teamwork. One crucial role in Valorant is the entry fragger, who leads the team into battle, initiates engagements, and secures early kills.

To excel in this role, players must choose the right agents with abilities that complement their aggressive playstyle. In this article, we will explore the best agents for entry fragging in Valorant, highlighting their unique abilities and strategies.

What is Entry Fragging?

Entry fragging is the act of leading the charge into enemy territory, aiming to secure early eliminations and gain map control. Entry fraggers play a crucial role in setting the pace of a round and creating advantageous situations for their team. Their goal is to disrupt the enemy’s defensive setup and create openings for their teammates to follow up.

Best Valorant Agents for Entry Fragging 

Valorant features a diverse roster of agents, each with their own set of abilities and playstyles. When it comes to entry fragging, agents with high mobility, self-sustain, and aggressive abilities are ideal choices. They can swiftly enter contested areas, secure kills, and create opportunities for their team. Let’s dive into the top agents for entry fragging in Valorant.


Jett Valorant Agent

Jett is an agile duelist who excels in entry fragging. Her ability, “Tailwind,” allows her to dash quickly in any direction, enabling her to engage or disengage from fights with ease. Jett’s ultimate ability, “Blade Storm,” equips her with deadly throwing knives that can eliminate opponents swiftly. With her mobility and precision, Jett is an excellent choice for players who prefer a fast and aggressive playstyle.


Phoenix Valorant Agent

Phoenix is a versatile agent with self-sustain and aggressive abilities, making him an excellent entry fragger. His signature ability, “Hot Hands,” allows him to throw a fireball that damages enemies and heals himself when standing in the flames. Phoenix’s ultimate, “Run it Back,” allows him to respawn at his original location if he dies, giving him a second chance to secure kills and create chaos on the battlefield.


Reyna Valorant Agent

Reyna is a self-sufficient duelist with abilities that enhance her fragging potential. Her ability, “Dismiss,” allows her to become invulnerable and rapidly heal herself after eliminating an enemy. Reyna’s ultimate ability, “Empress,” increases her fire rate, reload speed, and decreases her ability cooldowns, making her a formidable force in the hands of a skilled entry fragger. Reyna’s abilities empower players to take risky engagements and dominate opponents.


Raze Valorant Agent

Raze is an explosive agent with abilities designed to create chaos and secure kills. Her ability, “Blast Pack,” allows her to throw explosives that can damage or displace enemies. Raze’s ultimate ability, “Showstopper,” equips her with a rocket launcher, capable of dealing massive damage to multiple enemies. Raze excels at disrupting defensive positions and flushing out opponents, making her a valuable asset for entry fragging.


Yoru Valorant Agent

Yoru is a stealthy duelist who specializes in deception and creating distractions. His ability, “Gatecrash,” allows him to teleport short distances, enabling him to surprise enemies and gain advantageous positions. Yoru’s ultimate ability, “Dimensional Drift,” renders him invulnerable and invisible, allowing him to scout enemy locations and set up plays for his team. Yoru’s deceptive abilities make him a unique choice for entry fragging.


Breach Valorant Agent

Duelist Controllers like Breach are agents who combine aggressive fragging capabilities with crowd control abilities. Breach’s abilities, such as “Flashpoint” and “Aftershock,” allow him to blind enemies and deal area damage, disrupting enemy positions and creating opportunities for entry fragging. Duelist Controllers bring a mix of firepower and utility to the entry fragging role.


Skye Valorant Agent

Skye is a support agent with abilities that complement entry fragging. Her ability, “Guiding Light,” releases a hawk that can be controlled to scout enemy locations. Skye’s “Trailblazer” ability allows her to control a Tasmanian tiger, which can damage and disorient enemies. Additionally, Skye’s ultimate ability, “Seekers,” sends out tracking orbs that reveal nearby enemies. Skye’s supportive and scouting abilities make her a valuable asset for entry fraggers.


Omen Valorant Agent

Omen is a controller agent with teleportation and obscuring abilities. His ability, “Shrouded Step,” allows him to teleport short distances, making him unpredictable and difficult to track. Omen’s ultimate ability, “From the Shadows,” allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, providing strategic advantages for entry fragging. Omen’s teleportation abilities and his ability to obscure enemy vision make him a versatile agent for aggressive gameplay.


In Valorant, entry fragging is a vital role that demands skilled and aggressive players. Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Raze, Yoru, Duelist Controllers like Breach, Skye, and Omen are among the best agents for entry fragging due to their unique abilities and playstyles.

These agents provide the necessary tools to engage enemies quickly, secure early eliminations, and create opportunities for their team to capitalize on. Choose the agent that suits your playstyle and master their abilities to become a formidable entry fragger in Valorant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these agents only useful for entry fragging?

No, while these agents excel in entry fragging, they can also be effective in various other situations and playstyles in Valorant.

Can entry fragging be successful without teamwork?

While individual skill is important for entry fragging, teamwork is crucial in Valorant. Coordinating with your team and communicating effectively will increase your chances of success.

Are there any other agents suitable for entry fragging?

Yes, there are other agents in Valorant who can perform well in the entry fragging role, such as Duelists like Yoru and Duelist Controllers like Breach.

Can entry fragging be challenging for beginners?

Entry fragging requires good game sense, map knowledge, and mechanical skill. It can be challenging for beginners, but with practice and experience, anyone can improve their entry fragging abilities.

How can I improve my entry fragging skills?

To improve your entry fragging skills, focus on improving your aim, movement, and decision-making. Analyze your gameplay, learn from experienced players, and practice regularly to enhance your performance as an entry fragger.

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