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Sage Haven Walls: Best Wall Spots in Valorant’s Haven

In the world of Valorant, there’s a remarkable character named Sage who’s truly a team player. One of her most impressive tricks involves crafting walls using her magical abilities. On the Haven map, she becomes a true wall wizard, using her powers to create strategic barriers!

In this article, we’re going to delve into the exciting world of Sage’s magical walls on the Haven map. From safeguarding her teammates during bomb plants to disrupting enemy advances, we’ll uncover the hidden spots where Sage’s strategic wall placements can turn the tide of the game.

A Bombsite

Sage Haven “A Tower” Wall

Sage Haven A Tower Wall
Sage Haven A Tower Wall

Sage can make a big wall in the sky called the “Tower Wall“. It’s like a shield that keeps her friends safe when they’re planting the bomb. Even if enemies try to break the wall, Sage’s friends have enough time to do their thing and find good spots to stand.

With Sage’s Tower Wall, the game turns into a super fun strategy adventure for her team. It’s like having a super strong shield that helps her friends stay safe and strong. Sage’s magic wall makes it feel like her friends have their very own special fortress in the sky, where they can stand strong and brave against anything that comes their way!

Sage Haven “A Link” Wall

Sage Haven A Link Wall
Sage Haven A Link Wall

Sage can make a special wall at the entrance of a place called “A Link“. It’s like a big door that the enemies find hard to open. This helps Sage’s team to hide and get ready to fight. They can make a special plan to stop the enemies from coming in.

With Sage’s special wall at the entrance, it’s like her team has a secret trick up their sleeves. The big door keeps the enemies from barging in easily. This gives Sage and her pals time to think of smart ways to keep the bad guys out. It’s like they’re making a super sneaky plan to protect their home base!

Sage Haven “A Sewer” Wall

Sage Haven A Sewer Wall
Sage Haven A Sewer Wall

Sage can build a wall on the main entrance to “A Sewer“, a path that the enemies use. She can stand on it like a superhero! This makes it tough for the enemies to reach the place they want to go. Plus, it gives her friends time to run over and help.

When Sage puts up her special wall, it’s like she’s playing the hero. The bad guys can’t easily go where they planned, and they have to find another way around. It’s like a teamwork trick that helps them all work together to keep the bad guys from going where they shouldn’t!

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Sage Haven “A Long” Wall

Sage Haven A Long Wall
Sage Haven A Long Wall

Sage can also make a special wall on a “A long” path. This path is like a highway for the enemies to come through. But guess what? Sage’s wall stands in their way and stops them! And that’s not all – it also gives Sage a super high spot to see everything that’s going on.

Imagine Sage being like a lookout on a tall tower. Her wall blocks the bad guys from going down the long path, and she gets to see them from way up high. But she has to be really careful – if she’s not, the bad guys might notice her and try to stop her magical plan. It’s like she’s playing a game of hide-and-seek, trying to outsmart the enemy and keep her team safe!

B Bombsite

Sage Haven “B Entrance” Wall

Sage Haven B Entrance Wall
Sage Haven B Entrance Wall

Sage’s walls aren’t just for defense. She can use it to help her friends when they’re trying to win. The “B Entrance” Wall is like a shield that keeps the enemies out. This lets Sage go help her other friends at a different place, making her a smart teammate.

Imagine Sage being like a secret keeper, using her magical shield to guard a door. With her shield up, the enemies can’t easily get through. She’s like a teammate who knows just when and where to use her abilities to give her team an advantage. It’s like a super cool strategy that makes Sage a real champion!

Sage Haven “B Site Plant” Wall

Sage Haven B Site Plant sage Wall
Sage Haven B Site Plant sage Wall

When it’s time to put the bomb down, Sage has another trick up her sleeve. She can make a wall on “B site” that hides her friends while they plant the bomb. This way, the enemies can’t see them easily, and it’s safer to put the bomb down.

Sage is like a master of surprises. She uses her magic to make a wall that covers her friends, just like a secret cape. This makes it safer for her friends to put the bomb down without the bad guys spotting them easily. Sage’s tricky move gives her team a better chance to win the game and score points!

C Bombsite

Sage Haven “Garage Double Doors” Wall

Sage Haven Garage Double Doors Wall
Sage Haven Garage Double Doors Wall

Now, let’s talk about a different spot at the C site called “Garage Double Doors“. Sage’s magic works wonders here too! She can make a special wall near double doors using her magical powers. This wall is like a helpful shield that guides her team to a safe place where they can plant the bomb without the enemies noticing them too quickly.

She can use her ability to create a wall that opens up a secret way for her friends. This way, her team can quietly put the bomb down without the bad guys realizing it right away. It’s like they’re sneaking through a hidden path that leads them to victory! Sage’s clever move gives her team a super cool advantage on the battlefield.

Sage Haven “C Link” Wall

Sage Haven C Link Wall
Sage Haven C Link Wall

Sage doesn’t stop impressing us! She also has a unique wall for the “C Link” path, another important place. Her wall acts like a huge stop sign for the enemies, making them slow down. They have to break the wall to get inside, and guess what? This clever move gives Sage’s team a chance to plan a surprise attack.

Here Sage acts like a guard who puts up a big barrier. The enemies have to figure out how to break through it, and this takes time. While they’re trying to do that, Sage’s team is getting ready to strike with a sneak attack. It’s like a game of strategy where Sage is the mastermind behind a tricky plan. The enemies find it really hard to pass through Sage’s special wall and reach their goal!


Sage’s walls on the Haven map are like secret tools that help her team win. She’s like a hero using her magical walls to protect her friends and make the enemies scratch their heads. With Sage around, the game becomes even more exciting and full of surprises!

So, next time you play Valorant on the Haven map, remember Sage and her super walls. She’s a true wall wizard, making the game super fun and strategic for everyone on her team!

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